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You are in SIM Mode

After each question is asked, your webcam will be automatically activated and you may begin to respond. When you are finished speaking, click on the Next arrow at the bottom of the screen.

To view your response, click on the camera button.

If you wish to repeat your response, click on the Redo button.

Click on the Next arrow to go to the following question.

End of interview

This completes this short interview.

The following page shows the options that are normally available to users. For this demonstration, all the "save" functions have been disabled.

If you wish to play back the entire exercise - questions and your responses - please select "Review responses without saving".

In the playback, you may use the arrows to go forward or backwards. You may also use the dropdown list at the top of the page to go to any specific page. The first page title is the question, the second, your response.

This is the setup page for ACTS. It's important, that you make sure, that your camera and microphone are working correctly.

Once you have given permission for Flash to be enabled. You can change your webcam by clicking on and your microphone by clicking on . Depending on your browser you might have to give permission to use the webcam too. Sometimes you have to change camera settings in Flash itself. To do so click here.

After you have selected the desired webcam and microphone, please test them by doing a test recording. Click on the record button below to start recording.

To play the recording back. Click on .

You must make a recording and play it back to start the course.

Watch recording
Do it again
Delete recording
Make this recording private